Your next management meeting? On a sailing boat in Sardinia!

I can imagine you – a director, a CIO, a manager – and your associates in an important management meeting.

Whether a new strategy has to be set, a new product line has to be launched, or some other large-scale changes or decisions have to be made: a creative or even inspiring atmosphere is missing. While you need some time to reflect, the agenda explodes right before your eyes. All of you are more or less under pressure, hounded, and too often distracted by incoming calls and urgencies. People leave the room, others enter.

And you? Are losing the most valuable good you have in business life: time.

It’s no rocket science that just by changing the location to a place outside your office building, you can improve the quality of your meeting.

That is far more true if we organize your next management meeting on a sailing yacht in Sardinia!

You will have time. You will be calm. You will get inspired. All interference will be far away.

Wer aus dem Paradies nochmal schnell beim Outsourcing-Deal anrufen muss, ist auch irgendwie selbst schuld ...
Maybe not the best place to make phone calls in an Outsourcing deal, but definitely a wonderful location to host a meeting: the beautiful Isolotto Figarolo, near Olbia / Costa Smeralda.

I know one thing for sure: Sardinia is kind of a »de-ccelerator« and has its own way to set priorities. There is a relaxing and calming atmosphere everywhere around. The island opens your mind, and your eyes. And I promise: None of your associates will experience a need to leave the room during this meeting. It’s even not possible. Because there is magnificent turquoise water all around.

And that is even more true and valuable, if you link to the Sardinian culture on the main land and in the countryside. Read more about that at the end of this page.

Sailing around Sardinia is very relaxing. Because there is poor mobile phone reception. There is just no possibility to say: “I’ll just answer this phone call, will be back in a minute!” No. You can’t answer the call. And you can’t go away. You are right there where you have to be. Sure, we can order a helicopter to carry you back to land and business. But is that what you really want?

Don’t you prefer sailing a few miles, then chosing a beautiful small bay for anchorage, work in relax mode, conclude the day with a typical Sardinian dinner (at sea or on land), sleep like a baby in a cradle … and before the meeting continues the next morning, go for a swim in the crystal clear waters, surrounded by stunning nature?

How to organize a management meeting on a sailing boat

Ein komfortabler und geräumiger, ruhig im Wasser liegender Katamaran ist perfekt für Business Meetings.
A sailing catamaran is a quite comfortable meeting room. This one is located in Porto Rotondo. Other skippered sailing yachts and bigger two-masters are also available.

Being a live-aboard myself and having my office in any port of the island, I do have some practice to turn a cabin or boat deck into a meeting room.

Take advantage of the boat: avoid all technical stuff. No powerpoint! Be creative! Write, calculate, draw on paper! Send papers from one to another. Talk to each other! Discuss! Free your mind! Open up for new ways of thinking. Ideas will follow. Things will cross your mind that you would never have thought of at home.

Sure, you can bring your laptop, each boat has a power supply, not just in the port, but also at sea. I can organize many things like a flip chart or Wifi aboard. So if you absolutely want or need it, you get it.

Sometimes, if you really need more infrastructure, we might prefer to organize part of the meeting in the nearby yacht club or hotel or another nice location. I will be your “link on land” and care about everything you might need in the port, and will support the group and the skipper whenever needed.

Which sailing vessel is good for your meeting?

In general I would recommend a skippered yacht. You are more flexible and can concentrate on the business, not necessarily on sailing issues and maintaining the boat. The Skipper will take care of everything around the boat, and will carry you safely through the Sardinian waters. So you don’t need to worry.

Private sailing yacht with Skipper » I closely work with Skippers in the ports of Stintino, Porto Rotondo, Cala Gonone, Santa Maria Navarrese and Cagliari. The route can be chosen according to your wishes and needs, from a few days up to one, two or more weeks. You can relax and enjoy the trip. Sure, there might be situations where the Skipper sets a priority towards safety and sailing. That might be the moment in which you learn (again) to take orders. Could be a nice experience, after years at the top.

Chartered yacht » If you want to be your own captain and add some wonderful sailing experience to your business stay in Sardinia – no problem! We go for a bareboat charter. Most of the charter companies are based in North Sardinia and the do have minimum charter time of one week. So if your workshop has finished, you can add some private quality time. In this case I can do the planning for you, I will find the best route according to your time table, the most beautiful bays and beaches nearby, the best port, the nicest typical restaurant. I will also communicate with the Charterer and organize takeover and returning of the yacht.

A skippered or chartered sailing yacht usually has double cabins and is fine for up to 6 persons – depending how good you know each other and how close you like to get after the workshop. If you are a bigger team or need more privacy with single cabins, we can combine skippered vessels to a fleet or charter more yachts. Or go for a much bigger boat and a crewed charter.

Crewed charter » We have all options avaiblable. My favorite ship is a historic two-master which usually sails at the east coast of Sardinia – fine for up to 12 people. Another one offers trips between Sardinia, Corsica and the Balearic Islands. Both are also available for exclusive charter and customized itineraries (if planned early enough). If you expect much more, we can go for a motor yacht, an “all inclusive floating villa”, with a professional crew fulfilling all your wishes. You decide about size and comfort you need and we will find the best yacht for you.

Low(est) season charter » During the low season (from October to April/May) Sardinia is a very intimate place and most of the yachts are in the boat yard or no crew is available, most of the charter companies are closed. I admit, it’s not easy. But with all of my knowledge and contacts I can organize a wonderful sailing trip even in January or February. Some might say, it’s impossible. They say sailing in Sardinia is only for the main season. They just don’t know what they are missing. And it will be my pleasure to prove them wrong.

Last but not least, I will show you Sardinia, authentic and real and you won’t experience that on the water. Sounds strange, but there is a lot more to the island than meets the eye. Sardinia is so much more than just a nice sailing area.

I will take care of an individual program that you will never forget.

A link to the true and authentic Sardinian culture

The island of Sardinia is truly magnificent and literally endless. It is an island and at the same time it’s not.

The people are very hospitable, the food is excellent, the nature is still untouched and the nuragic culture is one of the oldest in the Mediterranean and goes back 7.000 years.

Traumhaft schöne und entspannte Plätze an Land: Sardinien ist voll davon!
Sardinia is the home of natural beauty, there are so many relaxing and nice places!

You might see things you have never seen before. Experience values which have already been lost in our fast moving world. You will meet people, so deeply contented and generous in their (from our material point of view) small existence – it’s humiliating. The strong, wild and untouched nature will broaden your horizon in a way you never expect.

As a result, you are inspired, productive, creative and – happy.