Planning your sailing trip round Sardinia

You are a good Skipper, an experienced sailor and your boat is equipped with up-to-date navigation software.

Hence there is this moment when you are sailing around a cape, the wind is picking up speed and getting nasty and you were wondering, if it was the right decision to take your (maybe unexperienced) crew out of the harbour. You discover that the next harbour is 40 miles away and wonder where you might find the perfect bay to drop the anchor.

Sardinia has some special behaviour, and sometimes it’s good to ask someone who has already been through that.

  • Local wind phenomena – Most famous is the Strait of Bonifacio / Bocche di Bonifacio. When the north-westerly Maestrale blows, it can be very very windy, and the gusts are nothing for average crews. There is no need to stress crew (which might be beloved ones), boat and material, if you read the weather precisely. And, suprise suprise: We are not only talking about the Mistral. Also easterly winds go through the strait with higher speed and increase at the exit. Both wind directions have influences on the winds in the Gulf of Asinara. A region that most people underestimate because it’s on the leeward side of the island are the downwinds in the Gulf of Orosei. The wind increases around Capo Mannu and under the high mountains of the (beautiful!) Supramonte. Those are cape effects mixed with thermic winds. Speaking of thermic: I have experienced the so-called „afternoon breeze“ between 14 and 18 o’clock where wind increases even if not predicted and gusts are nasty. It will determine your day and maybe with a smaller boat you chose to stay where you are or sail ahead in the evening, when the wind calms down.
  • Local sea states – There is a cross sea in the south, that can be very annoying. And there are  currents and higher waves in the Gulf of Orosei. In general not difficult to sail, but nice to know. And, if it adds some bad weather it’s good to know the coastline and to know, that certain harbours are not welcoming you and some bays that on the map look good for mooring are really uncomfortable because of high onshore waves. So you might have to go some twenty or thirty extra miles to reach a safe port or mooring bay … better to know that in advance.
  • Idiot and tourist traffic in high season – You have to deal with people that rent a rubber boat with 40 hp and go out to the Maddalena Archipel and have no idea of what it means to be out at sea. There are people who sail once a year and are thinking this is just fun and in holidays there are no rules. There are motor vessels that overtake you just for the fun and so close that your sailing boat gets into trouble. I cannot help you with these people and those moments. But I can give you some hints, where these „tourist boaters“ do NOT go, and where to drop the anchor to stay relaxed and private even in high season.
  • And other things  …

My services for sailors, skippers, crews and boat owners

Planning your sailing trip – If you are too busy to do the planning, or never sailed around Sardinia, I will provide you with a good basic plan for your sailing trip. After a short briefing on your ambitions, time, crew, boat etc I will create an itinerary that will be fine for you, your boat and your crew.

Itinerary review – If you are a selfmade sailor and already sailed in Sardinian or Mediterranean waters, I will have a brief look at your planned route. I will tell you everything I know and maybe add some ideas.

Communication – In Sardinia sometimes it is helpful to know the people, talk to them in their language and talk about some „island stuff“ to break the ice … and maybe get that desperately wanted berth or moored buoy in high season.

Winter boat services – Some people think, winter time in Sardinia is just a bit colder than summer and that the sun is always shining. That’s so not true. So if you leave your boat in Sardinia during winter, you might have a nasty surprise when you return. I will take care of your yacht when all port services have come to zero.

More services for sailors, travellers, teams and companies 

  • Organising corporate sailing events (beginners & experienced)  
  • Planning corporate and private sailing trip round Sardinia 
  • Regatta, boat and port services 
  • Organisation of accompanying events and programs, like authentic trips to the “true” Sardinia (culinary, winemaking, pastoralism, archaeology, …)