Incentive travel in Sardinia off season and all year round

Sardinia is a perfect place for incentive travel off season. If you think of Sardinia just for summer, beautiful beaches and lazy summer partys, that’s okay. But be aware that you are going to miss the best thing: authentic Sardinia.

The most wonderful time in Sardinia is definitely off season. Beginning by the end of September, covering winter and spring, until late May, the island is very authentic and genuine, rich of colours and flavours. And sometimes it’s even wild and adventurous.

It offers a variety of stunning nature and impressive culture. And some of the most hospitable people in the world will comfort you and your team during your stay.

Especially off season Sardinia offers a wide range of outdoor activities, like Canyoning, Mountainbiking, Hiking, Canoeing, Horse Riding, Sailing, Kitesurfing …

There is a beautiful mix of sea and mountains, there are stunning gorges and caves, endless landscapes and natural monuments. You will see archeological wonders and a culture that is nearly 7.000 years old. The local culture will definitely open your mind and broaden your horizons. Last but not least the local hospitality, traditional festivities, excellent food, wine and beer.

It’s simply true: You will find the best things off the coast and in the lower season. For an island, Sardinia is astonishing endless.

Business and incentive travel off season

Sardinia off season: truly exclusive
Sardinia off season: truly exclusive

Spring (March – May) » Sardinia is a paradise in spring, usually is very green and blooming. Sailing tours along the beautiful Sardinian coast, treks in the lower regions of the island or just watching the landscape from the back of a horse, is fantastic. Some days will send some rain and allow you to see wonderful waterfalls. Others will give you a glimpse of summer. And prepare yourself to join some local festivities. You just need someone who knows what’s going on – and where to find open structures. Surprise, it’s me 😉

Summer (June – August) » Let’s be honest: Sardinia in summer is crowded and the costs (hotels, restaurants, excursions, charter, car rental – everything) are rising to an all-year high. The good thing: There are lots of alternative places like the old mines under the surface in the Southwest, the small, genuine villages in the Sardinian countryside around Nuoro, even less crowded beaches along the west coast. And when temperatures rise above 40 degrees: What about a night hike in the Gennargentu mountains? In any case: Staying off the touristic hotspots will improve your summer stay and I will get you there.

Autumn (September – November) » Maybe the best time for traveling Sardinia regarding the wheather situation. While spring is more beautiful but changeable, the months after the summer season are still warm (especially the water) and stable, though the landscape is brown and dry until the first autumn storm. Autumn is perfect for excursions in canoe to the beaches in the Gulf of Orosei. I remember a week in November around 20 to 25 degrees, I went for a hike in the Supramonte region – in a T-shirt! And when the sun went down, a fleece Hoodie and an Ichnusa beer in Baunei was all I needed to feel comfortable. Life is easy in autumn.

Winter (December – February) » It’s a very special time of the year -not only because of Christmas. And although there are very few tourists, you don’t need to be a lonely wolf to enjoy your stay. The cities are the places to be: Cagliari, Alghero, Olbia and Sassari offer a wide range of cultural events. But wait – the inner part of Sardinia is always ready to surprise you: January and February you will be able to experience the traditional carnival festivity of the Barbagia. Honestly, winter is my favourite season in Sardinia, because it’s so genuine, wild and life on the island is just as it is.

Just one visit is not enough to experience Sardinia. At the same time, it’s perfect for a long weekend trip. It’s a paradise, just 2 hours from your office desk and it will make you want more.

Just contact me and we will create a wonderful team event!